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Traffic Circle Planted at 12th & 95th NW

Date November 16, 2008

This morning as the fog was breaking up, a small band gathered at 12th and 95th NW, to plant the new traffic circle and take a first step to slowing the traffic on 12th Ave NW. In short order the mulch was pulled back, pots laid out, plants planted and watered, mulch put back, and […]

How Walkable is our neighborhood?

Date May 22, 2008

It has been said the first 1000 feet from your door determines the walkability of your neighborhood. The folks at Walkscore.com have developed an index called the “walkscore” which purports to analyze how walkable a particular address is. Though the index is clearly imperfect, it is an interesting exercise. By entering an address, you can […]