Collected here are a number of references to publicly available documents which are helpful to frame the discussion for our efforts. Some of the documents refer to external links. Please report any non-working links.

  1. Greening Crown Hill Study commissioned by the Crown Hill Business Association.
  2. Crown Hill Ballard neighborhood plan approved in 1998: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, Fact Sheet, and Map.
  3. The Squire Park Neighborhood recently completed their Reclaiming the Streets for People project related to traffic calming, pedestrian safety. Some of the components  include: a) Parking and Gateways; b) Parks and Open Space; c) Pedestrian Safety (part 1, and part 2); d) Streetscape Improvements (part1, and part 2); e) Traffic Calming; f) Community Building activities.