July 12th Design Charrette Produces Stellar Results

Date August 7, 2008

Once again, we had a fantastic second design charrette on July 12th and had even more folks show up to participate. Thanks for getting the word out and energizing our neighborhood base. We all did great work prioritizing areas of the neighborhood requiring attention and focus and honed in on some specific strategies in small groups. We are excited to share out the results of the charrette in the attached documents which include the narrative of the priorities exercise, the results of the priorities tally, the “long block” alternatives mockups, and the toolkit survey tabulation.

Our Walkable Crown Hill coordinating committee is working with Makers Architects, which is supporting our planning process, to develop a draft of a plan based on the input from the two charrettes. We will be working with SDOT in particular in the coming weeks to clarify technical aspects of the plan and hope to have a draft ready to review with the community by late August. You can keep up with progress in the interim by checking out our website at walkablecrownhill.org.

As always, please feel free to ask questions, offer your feedback in the meantime or to join us for our coordinating committee meetings by contacting Bert Hopkins by email (hierospace at gmail.com) or phone (388-2781). In particular, if you are interested in working with your neighbors on your block to implement any of the strategies being developed, let us know as we would like to support those blocks in getting ready to implement the solutions being developed in the plan. At the very least, tell your neighbors what we’re up to and send them to the website or have them contact us directly.

Thanks for all of your interest and support and see you in the streets!

Walkable Crown Hill Coordinating Committee

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