Traffic Circle Planted at 12th & 95th NW

Date November 16, 2008

This morning as the fog was breaking up, a small band gathered at 12th and 95th NW, to plant the new traffic circle and take a first step to slowing the traffic on 12th Ave NW. In short order the mulch was pulled back, pots laid out, plants planted and watered, mulch put back, and the area swept clean. We planted drought tolerant, low maintenance plants provided by the city, as well as, a few donations from neighbors. Several folks have asked, and no, we did not plant a tree as the circle is too small to support a healthy tree. Celebrating a job well done with hot cider, we greeted neighbors passing by. Thank you to our enthusiastic planting crew, Joel, Nancy, Arik, Monica, Bert, Dennis, Kit, Heather, Tyler, Annika, Clara, and Tehama. 

12th Ave & 95th street traffic circle planting crew

Over 1.5 years ago, Crown Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) applied to the city Bridging the Gap fund for several projects. Both the circle and 12th and 13th on NW 95th were funded. The 13th Ave circle will be completed soon (the forms are in). Also neighbors on Mary worked to get the circle at Mary & 95th in earlier this year. CHNA and Sustainable Crown Hill are working together to make our Crown Hill Streets more walkable. Through the efforts of many we are are off to a great start. Thank you to everyone involved from the start.

Annika is drinking hot cider after helping plant crocuses in the traffic circle

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