Walkable Crown Hill Report

Date February 12, 2009

The Walkable Crown Hill Project was funded by a Small and Simple grant from the City of Seattle, Dept. of Neighborhoods. We held 2 public input sessions (charrettes) where Crown Hill neighobrs got together and provided input on some of the issues of walkability in our neighborhood. With no sidewalks, our neighborhood is at times treacherous to navigate on foot due to vehicular traffic and the inability to achieve an effective separation between pedestrians and vehicles.

The study examines a number of potential solutions (a took kit) to creating a  separated pedestrian walking surface or path. These solutions are considerably less expensive that the traditional street/gutter/curb/planter strip/sidewalk scenario, and thus could be more easily built.

We also solicited public input and prioritization of a number of other street improvements.

Seattle Department of Transportation reviewed the report and provided comments on all of the submitted solutions, and street improvements.

A copy of the report can be picked up here.

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