Street Painting City Wide Blog 3/09

Date March 18, 2009

Hi all,

  It’s taken me a month and a half, but I finally set up an online resource for people interested in painting their intersections. I know we had talking about a mailing list, but I felt that there may be a more useful social-networking type framework. So I scoured the Interweb and decided to set up a “Ning” site. A ning site allows users to join, blog, post photos, events, discussions, etc in a much more dyanmic way than a traditional mailing list.

  My hope is that this site becomes a vibrant, supportive and useful place for those engaging their neighbors in turning spaces into places. But it will only be as vibrant as you choose to make it!

  Please follow the link below and become a member of “Community Corners”. I’ve already added some photos and my lecture notes from the event in January. My hope is that each project will create a “Group” (with their own blogs, forums, etc.) so that other neighbors can easily connect with what’s happening in there area. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any feedback or questions.

  Here’s the link :

In community,
Eric Higbee


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